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Always interested in offers/projects/new ideas. Eclectic experience in fields like: numerical computing; Python web; Java enterprise; functional languages; GPGPU; SQL databases; etc. Based in Santiago, Chile; telecommute worldwide. CV; email.

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[Cooking] Cookie Recipe

From: andrew cooke <andrew@...>

Date: Tue, 25 Dec 2018 17:30:46 -0300

125g butter
1 egg
60g sugar (or more?)
45g cocoa
130g flour (w raising powder)
120g chocolate

Mix butter, egg and sugar.  Sieve in and mix cocoa and flour.  Add a
little water if necessary - want a thick, sticky mix, as solid as
possible, but not powder.

Break the chocolate into pieces and add.

Cool in fridge.  Pre-heat oven to 180C.

Place blobs of dough on lightly greased baking paper on tray.  Cook
for 15m.  Should flatten but not spread much.

Not very sweet, except for the chocolate.  Very cocoay and good
texture.  Good w ice-cream?

Variations: more sugar?  vanilla?


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