Closing Remarks

This chapter is for comments that didn’t fit elsewhere in the documentation.


Blame Tim Peters’ for starting me thinking about this, but that would have got nowhere without Sam Wilmott’s Pattern Matching in Python from which I have stolen almost everything (well, a large chunk of Lepl 1.0, including the repetition syntax).

PyParsing was also a major motivation (if you don’t like the way Lepl handles spaces, you may prefer Paul McGuire’s package which is, I think, pretty much the standard for simple, recursive descent Python parsers).

Thanks to Guy Cousineau and Michel Mauny for the original education.

David Eppstein’s DFS code strongly influenced dfs_edges(). Thanks for putting that on the web.


Lepl 1.0 was written as Israel, with the implicit support of the USA, largely destroyed Gaza.

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