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Fixing Java Profiling in Eclipse (TPTP) on Linux (opensuse)

From: "andrew cooke" <andrew@...>

Date: Sat, 11 Oct 2008 17:39:14 -0400 (CLT)

Basically, see

Alternate details:

- When starting profiling, in the Properties dialog, you can select "Java
Profiling - JRE 1.5 or newer..." and then click the "Test Availability"

- Assuming that fails, look at you log, which is in the .metadata folder
of your project.  Do "tail -f .metadata/.log" and you'll see error
messages like:

!ENTRY org.eclipse.tptp.platform.iac.administrator 4 0 2008-10-11
!MESSAGE [startIAC: Error Stream] RAServer generated the following output:
line 58: ../bin/ACServer: Permission denied

- To fix the system you have to get that running.  There are at least two

1 - You need to do chmod +x on the bin and lib directories (that fixes
"Permission denied" errors)
2 - You need to fix the soft links in the lib directory (if you do a ls-l
you'll see that a bunch of files that should be soft links are not) (that
fixes the "file too short" problem).

- You may also need to swicth to JDK 5 from JDK 6 (I read that somewhere
and am currently using JDK 5 - wil switch back later and report).

- You may also need to start the server manually.  This is done by:
(or wherever your error message points to)
and then running the ACStart.sh script.

Finally, here's what I used to fix the directories (thanks to emacs

ln -s libnamedPipeTL.so.4.4.0 libnamedPipeTL.so.4
rm libprocessControlUtil.so
ln -s libprocessControlUtil.so.4.4.0 libprocessControlUtil.so
rm libprocessControlUtil.so.4
ln -s libprocessControlUtil.so.4.4.0 libprocessControlUtil.so.4
rm libsharedMemTL.so
ln -s libsharedMemTL.so.4.4.0 libsharedMemTL.so
rm libsharedMemTL.so.4
ln -s libsharedMemTL.so.4.4.0 libsharedMemTL.so.4
rm libsocketTL.so
ln -s libsocketTL.so.4.4.0 libsocketTL.so
rm libsocketTL.so.4
ln -s libsocketTL.so.4.4.0 libsocketTL.so.4
rm libtptpACTL.so
ln -s libtptpACTL.so.4.4.0 libtptpACTL.so
rm libtptpACTL.so.4
ln -s libtptpACTL.so.4.4.0 libtptpACTL.so.4
rm libtptpAgentBase.so
ln -s libtptpAgentBase.so.4.4.0 libtptpAgentBase.so
rm libtptpAgentBase.so.4
ln -s libtptpAgentBase.so.4.4.0 libtptpAgentBase.so.4
rm libtptpCCTL.so
ln -s libtptpCCTL.so.4.4.0 libtptpCCTL.so
rm libtptpCCTL.so.4
ln -s libtptpCCTL.so.4.4.0 libtptpCCTL.so.4
rm libtptpClient.so
ln -s libtptpClient.so.4.4.0 libtptpClient.so
rm libtptpClient.so.4
ln -s libtptpClient.so.4.4.0 libtptpClient.so.4
rm libtptpCmdExtr.so
ln -s libtptpCmdExtr.so.4.4.0 libtptpCmdExtr.so
rm libtptpCmdExtr.so.4
ln -s libtptpCmdExtr.so.4.4.0 libtptpCmdExtr.so.4
rm libtptpConfig.so
ln -s libtptpConfig.so.4.4.0 libtptpConfig.so
rm libtptpConfig.so.4
ln -s libtptpConfig.so.4.4.0 libtptpConfig.so.4
rm libtptpJava.so
ln -s libtptpJava.so.4.4.0 libtptpJava.so
rm libtptpJava.so.4
ln -s libtptpJava.so.4.4.0 libtptpJava.so.4
rm libTptpJSSE.so
ln -s libTptpJSSE.so.4.4.0 libTptpJSSE.so
rm libTptpJSSE.so.4
ln -s libTptpJSSE.so.4.4.0 libTptpJSSE.so.4
rm libtptpLogUtils.so
ln -s libtptpLogUtils.so.4.4.0 libtptpLogUtils.so
rm libtptpLogUtils.so.4
ln -s libtptpLogUtils.so.4.4.0 libtptpLogUtils.so.4
rm libtptpUtils.so
ln -s libtptpUtils.so.4.4.0 libtptpUtils.so
rm libtptpUtils.so.4
ln -s libtptpUtils.so.4.4.0 libtptpUtils.so.4
rm libtransportSupport.so
ln -s libtransportSupport.so.4.4.0 libtransportSupport.so
rm libtransportSupport.so.4
ln -s libtransportSupport.so.4.4.0 libtransportSupport.so.4


From: "andrew cooke" <andrew@...>

Date: Sat, 11 Oct 2008 18:24:46 -0400 (CLT)

Even with that I am unable to get things working.  I can test the
connection OK, but the process itself is unable to connect to port 10006
(although a telnet to that port indicates that ACServer is listening

Seems like TPTP is not that great.


Not Even with Latest Version

From: "andrew cooke" <andrew@...>

Date: Sat, 11 Oct 2008 22:14:27 -0400 (CLT)

This is blowing chunks.

I've installed a completely new Eclipse (3.4.1), updated it via the online
updater, and installed TPTP (4.5-4.5 depending on exact component, all via
online updater).

The install looks OK (previous errors with file flags fixed), but I get
the following when trying to profile:

Error occurred during initialization of VM
Could not find agent library on the library path or in the local
directory: JPIBootLoader

This is opensuse 11 (Linux) 64bit with JDK 1.5.0_16.


It Works!

From: "andrew cooke" <andrew@...>

Date: Sat, 11 Oct 2008 22:19:45 -0400 (CLT)

I had an ACServer process running from previous attempts.  Killing that,
starting everything again, and it started.

So, a completely new, clean install with JDK5 and 3.4.1 does appear to work.


Updated instructions

From: andrew cooke <andrew@...>

Date: Thu, 28 Jan 2010 00:49:57 -0300

[Thanks for the update; sorry for the delay in approving this]

Date: Fri, 4 Dec 2009 02:16:46 -0800
From: Erem Boto <ehboto@...>

I just dealt with the hell of getting TPTP working from OpenSuSE 11.1 x86_64
on Galileo 3.5.1, openjdk 1.6.0_0

This is what I finally did to get it working:
1. Install the latest TPTP (mine was 4.6.1) from the default Galileo update
2. Install libstdc++33 using YaST. This contains libstc++.so.5, which is
needed by the app according to errors thrown in

At this point you will be convinced that TPTP should be working, and you'll
notice that ACServer loads up automatically. Eclipse even sometimes tells
you that everything's ok.
Except that it's not ok, since the profiler won't run.

Now you'll spend hours tracking down the answer until you come across this
post and read andrew's advice. Particularly

2. download the stand-alone agent as Andrew suggested and manually execute
it. (the part where he talks about TPTP_AC_HOME)

This was enough to at least get SOME profiling done =o

OProfile - An Alternative for Profiling Java (and C)

From: andrew cooke <andrew@...>

Date: Thu, 4 Mar 2010 14:26:55 -0300

I just noticed that this thread is still getting hits.

I haven't profiled any Java recently, but I have used oprofile to
profile C code.  And it rocks.  AND it supports Java profiling.

So if this is still giving people problems (and even if not) I would
suggest looking at oprofile - it lives in the Kernel, profiles
*everything* (subprocesses, kernel, etc), has minimal overhead, and
the best thing since sliced bread (I thought I had already posted
about it here, but can only find an email mentioning it that I sent to
my co-workers suggesting they try it too)


It's available in a package for OpenSuse (via Yast).  It's a Linux
tool, but something called "Shark" is similar for Macs, I believe.


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