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Personal Projects

C[omp]ute blog / ex-mailing list.

Colorless Green.

Simple Date; Crypt; Enum.

Photography; Images.

Lepl parser for Python.

Professional Portfolio

Calibration of seismometers.

Data access via web services.

Cache rewrite.

Extending OpenSSH.

C-ORM: docs, API.


Stack Overflow.


Twitter (blog feed).

Hacker News.

GitHub; BitBucket.


A parser for Python 3 (and 2.6 onwards) that tries to be simple to use (the grammar is written in Python using a friendly operator syntax; it comes with a tutorial, examples, and full API docs) while remaining powerful and flexible.

RXPY is a related regular expression library.

An experiment in documenting code - HTML 5, data exploration and, eventually, social cues.


Type-related metdata for Python 3; JSON and YAML <-> Python classes.


An introduction to programming languages that has been fairly popular (this is the second edition).

I was the first person to generate a hello world program in Malbolge, using a beam-search written in Lisp.

Otuto was a small interpreter that introduced the ideas of pattern matching to a "stack language".

Eye Candy

Some photographs taken around Santiago, Chile during the summer of 2008/2009.

A map of military spending, generated using SVG and XSLT from data available on the web (with instructions).

Spirograph using Javascript generated SVG.

Design and typesetter for a minimal font - almost all characters are just two pixels wide.

Ear Candy: Uykfe - Playlist generator


From various projects over the years: