Andrew Cooke

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C[omp]ute blog / ex-mailing list.

Colorless Green.

Simple Date; Crypt; Enum.

Photography; Images.

Lepl parser for Python.

Professional Portfolio

Calibration of seismometers.

Data access via web services.

Cache rewrite.

Extending OpenSSH.

C-ORM: docs, API.


Stack Overflow.


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Hacker News.

GitHub; BitBucket.

Hi. Welcome to my web pages. These have accumulated over a long time. So please forgive the changes in styles and formats as you click around.

Do you know me? Do I know you? I grew up in Knaresborough, N Yorkshire. Apprenticed for BAe in Stevenage. Went to college in Cambridge. Worked for Intertrader in Edinburgh. And Cerro Tololo Observatory in Chile. Amongst others. You can contact me at

I'm a software engineer. Occasionally for hire. I try to understand what people want, and then make it. Although the first part - understanding what people want - is usually the hardest, people hire me for the second, when they want something a bit different. Perhaps something involving a little maths or physics. Or they need someone to solve a problem without too much fuss.

Since I live in Chile (my partner - Paulina Lira - is prof. of Astronomy at U. Chile) I telecommute. If you want to chat face-to-face I'm andrew-cooke on Skype (but please email first).

Archive of old pages, papers, etc. The quotes that used to be here are now on a separate page.